Company Profile

Family owned and operated ‘PAPADAKIS Group of Maritime Companies’ was established in 1974 by Emmanuel Papadakis, with vision and expectations of providing a high quality of maritime services both to ships and Terminals, in Linoperamata area and Heraklion Port of Crete.

Nowadays, our fleet is comprised of fully equipped tugs, supporting, mooring and diving boats that provide to our customers with 24/7 immediate response, high quality, safe, efficient and cost-effective maritime services.

The last 40 years the company operates with efficiency and high standards in underwater projects. Always using cutting-edge technology and taking into consideration the most stringent International Safety Regulations, the Group’s teams of divers undertake underwater inspections, surveys, underwater
videography, underwater cutting, welding and repairs. With considerable experience in harbour and marinas constructions.

The key of PAPADAKIS Group success is that we have been assembled a team of exceptionally capable, experienced and trained crew and personnel, in all matters pertaining to shipping, by providing them the tools they need to excel.

Our devotion to excellence, attention to detail, our experience, our technical infrastructure, our trained crew, our versatile fleet and by making safety our first priority, we can responsibly ensure an excellent service.

The perfect completion of our services reflects the way we think and act.

“Always ahead… ”