The PAPADAKIS Group of Maritime Companies was established in 1974 by Emmanuel Papadakis, who started with a launch – supporting vessel, facilitating mooring and unmooring of Vessels and licensed in underwater operations. He continued to invest and evolve professionally driven by a strong dedication and love for his job, always taking into consideration the excellent cooperation and to directly provide the optimum level of services in aspects of safety, both to ships and Terminals.


In 1992, foreseeing that the needs of the region led to the necessity of a tugboat for fire-fighting, safety and environmental protection, the Group acquired T/B “LINOPERAMATA”. A powerful, modern, fast tug and fully equipped with anti-pollution systems.


In 1996, wanting to invest and to implement our goals and ambitions, we built T/B "KAPETAN KOSTAS". A new, modern, flexible and appropriately equipped tugboat, specially designed for the needs of Linoperamata area.


In 2004, with considerable experience into Shipping Agency’s Services and with ability to serve better our customers, we established  MARIA EMM. PAPADAKI – SHIPPING AGENCY.  Our agency composed by qualified personnelandprovidesa broadrange of shipping services, with readiness, efficiency, expertise and loyalty.  Our aim is our customers’ satisfaction.


In 2006, PAPADAKIS Group commissioned the construction of a supporting vessel, the Launch Mooring – Diving boat "KAPETAN MANOLIS", which is small, flexible and technologically equipped, suitable for Vessels’ mooring – unmooring, supporting, diving and transporting equipment and / or personnel.


In 2010, Group’s effort to extend even more, focused on the acquisition of T/B "ΜENTORAS", which is the most powerful, quite modern, fully equipped and automated tugboat. Suitable for: towing, salvage, wreck removal, fire–fighting, marine anti-pollution services, sea transportation and transhipment.